Frisco Balloon Ladies close out 2019 with a couple BEAUTIFUL balloon creations for a NYE Party!

The Frisco Balloon Ladies we’re hired to bring the WOW factor when the guests walk through the door! And boy did they!

Entry to NYE Party!

Wow! It turned out amazing with two foil columns and an oversized organic garland creating excitement up the stairs.

Foil Column with Star Topper
Close up of Oversized Organic Garland with 2020 Large Gold letters perfectly located!

The house in Frisco looked so stunning with their color choice of gold, silver and black throughout.

This balloon garland includes confetti filled balloons and swirled small black ones.

2 story living room continues the balloon theme with a smaller organic garland on the balcony.

The Frisco Ballon Ladies pride themselves on quality and have been able to handle any project. If you have any ideas whatsoever or have pics, or just want to brainstorm call us today at (214) 763-5758!


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The Frisco Update is provided by Frisco real estate broker Brad Holden of Holden New Homes which gives new home buyers the latest happenings in Richwoods, Lexington and Phillips Creek Ranch in Frisco.

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